Curious Learning Privacy Policy - Feed The Monster

We founded Curious Learning so every child could learn to read, regardless of their language or location. We know that privacy is important to our community, especially for children and their parents. This privacy policy explain what information we collect, how we use it, and what we're doing to keep it safe.

What information do Curious Learning apps collect?

Our exact data collection changes over time, but we broadly collect data in two ways.

The first includes when you click in the app and what parts of the app you use, to help us improve our apps. This 'click data' (collected through a tool called Google Analytics) helps us figure out ways to improve the app. We also collect information about your geographic location (using IP address and network location) to help us understand where Curious Learning apps are being used.

We have two reasons for collecting so much information from our apps: first, we want to use it to measure what users are learning and how, so we can personalize learning to make our apps much more effective – eventually, by allowing apps to tailor themselves to each child’s learning stage and style. Second, to help improve our apps and develop new technology for other e-learning apps to use, we share this information with researchers who are developing new ways to teach, measure, and personalize learning through technology.

How does Curious Learning use the information it collects?

  • We may use the information in research studies intended to improve our understanding of how people learn with Curious Learning apps. The results of this research are shared with educators and researchers through conferences, journals, and other publications.

  • We analyze the information to understand and improve Curious Learning apps, such as determining which activities are most popular or effective, which images  are most used, and how long users spend in the app.

  • We may disclose some of the information to third-party service providers that help us perform various support functions (such as usage analytics). We are satisfied that these service providers have privacy policies that restrict them from further disclosing any of your information.

  • We may disclose some of the information to third-party researchers that seek to improve Curious Learning apps or develop complimentary apps and other technology designed to improve learning.

How does Curious Learning protect you and your information?

  • Although Curious Learning apps use Google Analytics, they do not share any information they collect with Google, and Google does not collect any personal identifying information about you. Google Analytics acquires information by installing a 'cookie' on your device. Cookies are small bits of information that are stored on your device, without any personally identifiable information.

  • We store our detailed usage data on dedicated servers, as of July 2017, hosted by Amazon. As with Google Analytics data, this data may contain limited demographic information such as geography, but it does not include personally identifiable information. In order for research partners to gain access to these data, they must sign a partnership agreement with Curious Learning, a data sharing agreement stating that they will follow our data use and security policies.


If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding this privacy policy, please contact us at