Our Story



Research begins @ MIT, Tufts, & GSU

Cynthia Breazeal, creator of Jibo, meets with Maryanne Wolf, author of literacy curriculum RAVE-O, about making neuroscience of reading principles available through mobile software. Robin Morris joins the team to focus on research design and methodology. 



First Project @ Wonchi, Ethiopia

Research team partners with an NGO in Ethiopia to deploy tablet-based learning in Wonchi, a village with no school, power or running water. Children get tablets loaded with curated literacy apps and a usage data tracker.



First Results @ Wonchi 

Children in Wonchi used the tablets for 5 hours per day for a year. A few made reading readiness gains equivalent to US Pre-K and kindergarten, and most learned the majority of the English alphabet and significant English vocabulary. Some children read simple words like “mother” or “baby,” suggesting that learning to read from software is possible.


First US Deployment @ Roanoke, AL

Research team partners with US school district. Children unable to attend Pre-K achieve reading readiness using tablets at home for 4 months. Children using tablets alongside Pre-K do even better. 


Replication @ 10 sites, 5 countries

Research team partners with NGOs, schools, and communities, across 10 sites in 5 countries. Children use software in class and at home, in countries with no schools, with limited school quality, and with good schools but unequal access to home reading resources. Results are still strong.


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Curious Learning spins out as 501c3

Researchers spin out a nonprofit to scale up impact and results. Curious Learning reaches 1,000 children, offers 80 literacy apps, and works with 10 deployment partners and 4 research labs. 



New Partnerships, BETA PLATFORM

Executive partnerships with MRP Foundation in South Africa and with Proyecto MABA in Peru help us add 8 new sites to reach 4,000 children. Research begins to screen for dyslexia and personalize learning using platform data. 


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Feed The Monster Localization

Curious Learning begins focus on a strategy to build, localize and share apps for use on parent smartphones. First project starts localizing reading fundamentals app Feed The Monster to 50+ high-impact languages.

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Assessment App Pilot

Pilot results from assessment app show high correlation with standard literacy and cognitive assessments among 100s of children.