Product Roadmap

We first build core learning activities and assessment software as standalone tools, and then combine them into a personalized learning app and A/B testing platform.

2017-2018: Feed The Monster – Reading fundamentals

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We developed a process to localize the language, pedagogy, graphics and audio of the literacy fundamentals app Feed The Monster from Arabic to more than 50 high-impact languages. This app allows kids to build fundamental skills like letter sound knowledge, sight word reading, and the ability to decipher individual words. 

2018-2020: Curious Reader platform – Decoding apps  

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Curious Reader is a library of interactive story apps and a tool for authoring these apps without writing any code. The Reader plays interactive story apps, with features designed to bridge the gap between reading fundamentals and decoding, acting like "training wheels" for early readers. The Authoring Tool allows anyone to author or localize these stories by manipulating text, graphics, audio and metadata – without needing to write a line of code. 

2016-2020: AppRise – automated Assessment

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Curious Learning is collaborating with researchers at MIT, UCSF, and UConn to develop a set of mobile games that measure literacy and cognitive skills. These games measure learning outcomes, unlocking our ability to optimize learning with AI, and to measure the effects of new features with A/B testing. They also provide a simple screener for children with reading disabilities so teachers, parents and our products can provide targeted reading interventions to kids.

2021-2025: Full Platform

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We will combine the learning activities from Feed The Monster, Curious Reader and other open-source learning apps with learning optimization enabled by AppRISE to create a personalized literacy app. We will also build an A/B testing platform, allowing developers and researchers to test new learning activities, interfaces and personalization algorithms at a fraction of the time and cost required today.