How do pilots work?

Partners use Curious Reader to create learning apps, share these with kids through their existing programs, and scale up pilots across geographies. We provide the technology and support partners through the process.


1. Create

Partners bring staff, teachers or volunteers who use Curious Reader to create and localize app content. Curious Learning works to adapt content creation processes (localization, eBook conversion, and new app authoring) to fit each partner and supports programs to create content. This support can range from staff or volunteer training, content “sprints” to create many apps in a few weeks, prize competitions, or co-creation between our teams.

2. share

Partners plug Curious Reader content into their existing programs to reach kids who have access to devices — parents with smartphones or community organizations that have phones, tablets or laptops. These could share devices with parents through TV or tech products, or through parent-teacher conferences or parent trainings. They might distribute apps to school laptops or library tablets. Regardless, they tap into existing programs and underutilized devices, so that simply having quality apps enhances the effectiveness of existing work.

3. scale

Partners should be interested in reaching scale — not only in their own programs, but to help Curious Learning prove a model that can lead to every smartphone and project-owned device having access to quality learning apps in the languages kids speak.