We Need Voice Actors for African Languages!

Curious Learning is a nonprofit that is building free learning apps in high-impact languages around the world. We're bringing an award-winning literacy app to 20+ African languages and need fluent speakers who can record simple letter sounds, words and sentences. If you're interested, sign up and we'll contact you to arrange a 1-2 hour recording session and offer a $50 "thank you" gift. 



The app, Feed The Monster, lets children learn letter sounds and to combine them into simple words. You can download the Android app for English here, or the app for Zulu here.  

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What Will you do as a voice actor?

For each language, we have created a list of 100-200 "sounds" that need to be recorded. These sounds include letter sounds (e.g. the sound "P" for the letter P), individual words (e.g. "Tap") or simple sentences giving instruction or feedback (e.g. "Amazing!" or "Select Your Player"), which have already been translated for your language. 

During the recording session, we will show you the app, let you read through the list of words, offer instructions on recording, give you feedback on sample recordings, and answer any questions you have. This entire process typically takes 20-30 minutes for a professional voice actor and will take no more than 1-2 hours.  

Who is Curious Learning? 

We're a nonprofit that creates, localizes and distributes free software so anyone with smartphone access can learn to read. To learn more, you can explore our website

Is The recording Paid?

We are able to offer a $50 thank you gift for making time to join us, and we'll thank you on our web page.

When and Where is the recording? 

We're planning to schedule back-to-back recording sessions on several Saturday mornings and Afternoons. Right now, we have recording studios set up in Boston, New York and Johannesburg and may add additional studios if necessary.