What is an interactive story app? 

An interactive story app allows kids to explore the relationships between words, pictures and ideas through different interactive features — leading to more engagement and learning than from a typical book. You can see some common features below.



Text automatically animates each word as it is read aloud.

CR_text graphics.gif

Tap To Read

Tap each word to highlight and read it aloud.



Tap words to reveal simple illustrations.


Linked Text & Graphics

Tap graphics to highlight and play associated text, or tap text to play associated animations. 

decision node.gif

Decision Nodes

Embed decisions within the story, and allow learners to choose by tapping images.


Story Branching

Create cause-and-effect story branches, so the story changes based on learner decisions.

What is Curious Reader? 

Curious reader is a framework we have created that abstracts these recurring features, so developers only need to configure the JSON story files that specifies the relationship between text, audio, graphics and interactive features — instead of building the entire app, you only need to create story files that can be read by our Curious Reader “player.”

Screenshot 2018-08-15 10.23.25.png

1. Create A Story File 

This file includes the core assets that make up the interactive story: text, audio, and graphics. 

2. Create A Story Specification

This is a JSON file that specifies the relationships between the assets and features that make up the story: what text, audio, and graphics go on each page; where these objects go on the page; what audio timestamp is associated with which words; and what interactive features are included and how they are triggered. 

Screenshot 2018-08-15 09.54.48.png

3. The Player Does The Rest

Add your book to the Player's virtual bookshelf, and you can export a collection of stories as an APK. Readers can select your story, and the Player handles all the defined interactions. 


How does the pilot work? 


Curious Learning is looking for developers to pilot our Curious Reader dev tools by creating their own interactive story apps.

  • Developers must be able to build apps in Unity/C#, and use JSON to configure story files
  • Developers must produce story assets (text, graphics, and audio)
  • We will share to Curious Reader tools, documentation, and community Q&A forum 
  • Developers will use these resources to build and publish apps, focusing on mother tongue
  • Developers must agree to report download numbers to Curious Learning

Developers will own and publish their apps, and Curious Learning will eventually publish the Curious Reader code as open source.