What are interactive story apps? 

Our Curious Reader tool builds interactive story apps that let kids explore the relationships between words, pictures and ideas through interactive features shown below. These features lead to more engagement and learning than from a typical book by increasing key learning behaviors like time spent reading, asking questions, and social commentary (by 200-500% in one study).



Text automatically animates each word as it is read aloud.

CR_text graphics.gif

Tap To Read

Tap each word to highlight and read it aloud.



Tap words to reveal simple illustrations.


Linked Text & Graphics

Tap graphics to highlight and play associated text, or tap text to play associated animations. 

decision node.gif

Decision Nodes

Embed decisions within the story, and allow learners to choose by tapping images.


Story Branching

Create cause-and-effect story branches, so the story changes based on learner decisions.

Why celebrities?

By working with public figures to "headline" story app collections, we can harness celebrity to reach many more parents and children with these free learning apps.


Author Platform

The authors themselves drive awareness of their stories through social media and interviews.


Media & PR

We harness celebrity author involvement to create media stories, building interest and driving usage because of the author's involvement.


What's involved? 

We work with authors to produce their stories, leading to quality, free apps for children and parents. We then work with authors and the media to reach millions of parents with these free tools. We keep it short and sweet for authors, with three steps.

Screenshot 2018-09-03 15.48.49.png

1. Co-Author A story 

We work with the author to create a story. The author can either write the story themselves or talk through the story and provide direction and revision to our team. They then describe their vision for illustration, animation and interactions. At the end, we have a script for the story narrative, key illustrations, and interactive elements.

2. Review Story Boards and assets

Based on the script, our team creates a story board illustrating key scenes and animations. Authors give feedback on each storyboard iteration until we've captured their vision for the app.

We share multiple animators and voice actors with, and the author selects who will animate and record their story. We produce the assets and prepare to build the app.

Screenshot 2018-09-03 15.44.48.jpg

3. Share the final app

We use audio and graphic assets to build the story app and get the author's final approval and sign-off. We work with the author to promote the story app through their social media and create PR opportunities. We release their story as part of a collection of other stories, so that parents and kids who learn about the project because of the author's involvement benefit from an entire library of quality interactive story apps.