July-September 2017 Workshop

"Creating Literacy Games with React Native"

"Creating Literacy Games with React Native" is a free 10-week virtual workshop run by MIT researchers at Curious Learning, an MIT affiliated nonprofit that creates software to ensure everyone in the world can learn to read.

What Is It?

  • A workshop with MIT researchers and experts in React Native, game design, and the science of literacy to create an open source game.
  • You explore code of sample games and learn from curated React Native, design techniques, and literacy science resources.
  • You create an open source game for Curious Learning to distribute to 100,000s of children around the world.

Why Do It?

  • Completed an open source React Native application for your portfolio.
  • Increased resume credibility and gained professional references and company referrals from Curious Learning and MIT teams.
  • Learned from experts in game design, React Native, and the science of early learning and literacy.

What Is Required?

  • Skills: Proficiency in Javascript development and some use of React Native for cross-platform app development.
  • Time: Ability to spent 10+ hours per week / 100+ hours total on course project including Google Hangout participation every 2 weeks. Optional 1-on-1 virtual “office hours” with workshop leaders.
  • Deliverable: Open source submission of React Native game.

Who is Leading?


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