Our open-source software turns any Android device into a literacy mentor.



Our Content Team catalyzes great literacy apps in 5 ways:


1. Curating Existing Apps

Our team of educators and neuroscientists adds the best existing literacy apps to our library. We then test and rank apps for effectiveness.

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2. Partnering With Creators

We partner with app developers, researchers, and software students. Developers receive resources to make better apps. Researchers accelerate their studies. Students work on meaningful projects as they learn.


3. Improving Partner Apps

Our content workshops, data analytics, and A-B testing help partners make their apps more engaging and educational for a diverse, global community of children and parents.

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4. Driving New App Creation

We help partners develop high-impact apps to fill gaps in the literacy and early education app ecosystem.

5. Localizing The Best Apps

We help to localize apps by crowdsourcing the translation of text, audio, and images into key languages.

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Our Experimentation Engine drives learning with evidence, by empowering researchers to:


1. Run A-B Experiments

Partners can deploy randomized experiments in a few clicks to measure effectiveness of app design or changes to our platform, like different personalization algorithms or AI mentoring. They can also measure the results of real-world interventions, like a curriculum or nutrition program. 

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2. Measure Outcomes Immediately

Our embedded software automatically assesses students on a range of educational indicators and can combine data it collects with predictive analytics to monitor almost any learning outcome.

3. Deploy What Works, At Scale

Our system integrates successful experiments and deploys them at scale, so children benefit immediately from cutting edge research and innovation.   


We reach children whose parents and teachers already own android devices, by partnering with: